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U.S. Public Company Tax Services


Our Process

  •  You become a Client by signing our Engagement Letter and submitting a Retainer Payment
  •  We thoroughly review and analyze your business model and capital structure via SEC Filings
  •  We prepare DRAFT consolidated or stand-alone U.S. Corporation and applicable state income tax returns and foreign ownership disclosures
  •  We have a telephone or Skype conference with you to review and advise as to what additional data is required to file complete and accurate tax returns with required disclosures: subsidiary trial balances; compensation for stock arrangements; foreign ownership and transactions detail, etc.
  •  We finalize tax returns and present them to you for approval

Please contact Paul Weinberg @ 702-793-4500 or at

for more information or to discuss your specific situation


Our comprehensive Public Company Tax Services for pre-revenue; early-stage; and developmental companies are offered as follows:


$10,000 for a stand-alone non-consolidated Public Company, U.S. Corporation and one state tax return;

$2,500 additional for each foreign country corporation did business in; $750 for each additional state tax return beyond home state

$2,500 additional for each subsidiary included in consolidated corporation tax return

$2,500 additional for required foreign ownership disclosures

$3,000 additional if foreign corporate tax return (1120F)

A Retainer of $5,000 and a signed Engagement Letter is required for services to commence


Please see our fillable Public Company Tax Services Engagement Letter