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Personal Tax Services

Weinberg Partners was built by providing personalized cutting-edge personal taxation services to managers and middle executives at U.S. Fortune 100 companies, located throughout the U.S.

Personal Tax Services is a core practice and expertise area for our firm.

Our clients have employee benefit plans such as incentive stock options, employee stock purchase plans, and many our involved in outside investments in real estate and a plethora of other business concerns, and many do business and/or work in more than state or country.

Many of our personal tax clients are entrepreneurs who operate single-member LLCs or S Corporations, and they are attorneys, financial professionals, and/or manage a plethora of different businesses.

As well, we help our clients deal with problems at the IRS or other regulatory authorities. If you have an issue that needs to be handled, please PDF or Fax us the most recent notice you have received, and please write your phone number on it. This will give us a context of the issue before we call you.

Please contact Paul Weinberg @ 702-793-4500 or

for more information or to discuss your specific situation

Our clients work at some of America’s most respected Companies